VLog Eight Week Thirteen

VLog Eight Week Thirteen

So, this is my last Video Log entry for ARTS3091. I know, I’m a little verklempt as well. But you know, as the saying goes, “Post one video log and you have started something that could be big and life changing. Post eight video logs and you will have fulfilled the criteria for one assessment task, granted that eight was the designated number of video logs that you needed to gain a passing mark.” That’s how I remember my grandma saying it anyway.

Thanks for the challenging and interesting semester!


VLog Seven Week Twelve


So this week’s entry takes a look at new media art via means of understanding “the new aesthetic“. It is the route that I needed to take this week in order to understand the content I guess, which obviously demarcates unexplored information from my personal standpoint and also that I am actually becoming kind of engaged with this course to the extent that I want to gain a full understanding of weekly subject matter. Admittedly, I was never really fond of any media subject until this course, so praise to the course content.

Enjoy this like it’s 1999. Because it would be extremely impressive viewing for the online community 13 years ago compared to now.

VLog Six Week Eleven


So I have worked out my technical issues and presented the link to my vidyo on time. I hope it is as enjoyable and intellectual as the 5th episode in season 12 of The Smurfs, you know the one.

VLog Five Week Nine

VLog Five Week Nine

I’m sorry for all the delays this week. It turned out that I needed to cross render the video with my hard drive while I was uploading it to vimeo. Oh well, it’s here now and I hope you really enjoy it because I spoke about something that I am very into at this point in time.


I’m having extreme difficulty uploading my video logs through both Youtube and Vimeo. I have attempted to change file format and upload off different computers to no avail. I am attempting to work this problem out and will have my links up as soon as possible. I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience and understand if this reflects on my final mark.


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